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Well as we go into a new flying season, the first Monotrike UL115 his on its way to the UK shores, being delivered to Microlite Aviation. More news as we we unbox this aircraft that is a first on our shores.This aircraft will be on show at Popham 2024 in the beginning of May at the Microlight show, alongside our Microlite Aviation"FLY", that will be showcasing the latest mods and add-ons for this great little aircraft.

We are also going to be at "Parafest 2024", which should be a great affair, which is a four day event with lots of flying encouraged of all different sorts of aircraft.

It will be great, to see the flying community again and get some serious airtime in the 2024 flying season...just to get over the winter blues and all the rain.

We will also be at the, PMC Bore Chasers 2024... on the Severn river North Somerset, which is always a great event.

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