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Moster 185 Plus MY22

Reliance in the sky


Moster 185 MY20

An advanced, sporty but very balanced product, able to offer superior performance, perfect both for competitions and for free and adventurous flying. The Moster 185 is all this and much more. It is the engine that has enabled to achieve the most important objectives over the years, the engine with which various races and championships have been won, record achieved and the most difficult challenges faced.

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Advanced and balanced, with a sporty
character and top class performances,
Moster 185 is the perfect engine for
both competitions and cross country
flight. With its 20,000 pilots and 10
years of ongoing evolution, refinement
and successes which led it to be the
choice of the best pilots and the most
important dealers in the world thanks
to its iconic weight / thrust ratio,
essential design, extreme operational
simplicity, great flight autonomy and a
very pleasant and distinctive in-flight
“sound”. “Plus” indeed, because
Moster185 is also the engine with the
highest amount of flight hours ever
with more than 2.000.000 hours, the
safest thanks to its essential design
and hi-tech components but also the
most awards winning with more than a
decade of successes between championships, world records and breathtaking endeavors.

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