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Monotrike UL115

The UL115 is now available here in the United Kingdom


Great style

This UL115 SSDR aircaft has a great style. A lot of thought has gone into the design coupled with a stunning finish, has made this an outstanding aircraft.



The quality of the finish is really outstanding and will stand out on any threshold or in the air.

UL115 dimensions.jpg

Monotrike UL115 - size

The dimensions of the aircraft allow it to be stored almost anywhere, and also make for a comfortable and compact flying machine.


Folding for transport

The Monotrike can also be folded for transport in a medium sized estate car, with the wing carried on the roof bars of the vehicle.


Monotrike UL115

This stunning little aircraft will take you into the air in style and safety


Monotrike UL115 - good clean lines

Every aspect this aircraft has been thought out, from the frame to the upholstery, giving you a sporty aircraft to get you into the skies above.

Great Affordable way to Fly

This is a great afforble way to get into the air, safely and in style

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