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Lightweight & reliable power



The new EOS 150 ICI RV4 ! The EOS 150 was initially based on the concept and development of the smaller EOS 100 engine. The RV4 is the fourth generation of this engine and since first launched in Dec. 2017 the concept has undergone several amendments and now has reached finest quality and reliability.
EOS 150 - EOS 150 ICI mod. 2019 - EOS 150 ICI RV3 - now: EOS 150 ICI RV4

Technical Data

Engine Features

  • Lightweight & compact construction
    In comparison to the competition in the same or similar class of displacement the engine is very light, built small, nicely and compact with the use of only highest quality materials. Well manufactured in all details by the use of most modern techniques with a smart constellation of components which are perfectly working together.

  • Optimum operation
    The engine is easy to start up, with a smooth and constant run at idle. The carburetor with adjustable L and H jets together with the unique HIFLOW-SHOT air box care for an even run in all revolutions and can be customized for different locations of operation. Perfectly balanced crankshaft, fly wheel and shafts care for a low vibration. The fan cooling in combination with the partial Carbon cover prevents the engine against overheating and allows long duration runs at full power.

  • Power & thrust
    Despite the small size and comparable low weight, the moderate compression ratio for a durable and long life span, the engine creates an optimum thrust and a lot of power.

  • Reliable quality
    The well proven engine concept and the use of highest quality materials and components, the best workmanship and accurate engine assembly, all grant for a highest quality product and reliable engine run throughout a long period of operation.

  • Equipped with the ICI ignition system such as the EOS 100 ICI RV5.

  • Comes as standard with the EASY-STARTER / advanced pull hand starter.

  • New cylinder workmanship with highest quality and improved ports and Nikasil treatment.

EOS 150 ICI RV4 - compact design, lightweight & reliable high power!

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