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Aeros Adam 13TDS

Great trike wing - truly tested

Aeros Adam 13TDS

Packed length 5.08m/16.65ft

Max airspeeds of 55mph/90kph

Max Payload 170kg – Includes weight of trike, full fuel, pilot and baggage. Does not include the weight of the wing.


Wing span - 8.65m

Wing Area - 13.2 m2

aspect ratio - 6.0

Double surface 70%

Upper battons - 15

Lwr battons - 4

Packed ength - 5.08m

Short Packed length - 3.5m

Max Airspeed - 90KPH (55MPH)

Stall speed-35KPH (21.7MPH)

Weight - 26 kg

MTow - 196kg

Max Payload - 170kg

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