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The RioT is an all new wing from Avian



The RioT is an all new wing from Avian, specifically designed for use with sub-70kg trike power units. It blends aspects of design from both the Puma and Rio2 to create a wing with sweet handling and a great turn of speed that makes the ultimate nanolight wing.


The RioT is not only an all new wing, its an all new way of making a wing. Most wings are iterations from ones that already exist and are designed using flat, 2D patterns to create the sail. The RioT was designed from the start in 3D within the computer, allowing CFD simulation to guide its shape and allowing the sail to be designed to obtain the optimal shape.

This gives a wing which is fairly modest aspect ratio (narrow nose angle) with tip dihedral to give excellent handling, no adverse yaw, light roll and it will sit in a turn without trying to roll out, roll in or drop the nose. A semi ellipical planform (wing wider toward the outboard section with a curved trailing edge) and large area of double surface means that it has sparkling performance, able to take off from a short distance and fly fast without requiring much power to do so.

riotCarbon tip.jpg
riotCarbon tip.jpg

RioT Extras

Coloured undersurface and batten pockets can be chosen from the 10 colours (or white) here:

Colour choices

The colours are (left to right): Blue, Hot Green, Green, Hot Yellow, Yellow, Hot Orange, Red, Hot Red, Grey, Black, White,.

Note: The 'Coloured batten pockets' option also includes coloured reinforcement patches and keel pocket

Laminate sail top and leading edge(PXB)

Carbon Tip Fairings 

Speed Bar- instead of straight bar 

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