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Microlite Aviation - Monotrike UL70

We are proud to announce that the "Monotrike UL70", has been added to the stable of Microlite Aviation Ltd, here in the United Kingdom.

This is a quality built aircraft , with careful attention to every detail of the build.

We will have three aircraft being delivered here shortly, where we will be able to show off this incredible little aircraft.

This aircraft can be flown with a variety of motors, that will suit your power/horsepower requirements. Wing choice is also up to the customer, with choices of the Adam, the new Nine wing from Aeros or various wings from Avian, such as the Riot, Puma or the Rio 15T, to suit all style of flying .

Comfortable seating, folding rear struts for transport, gas assited pylon lift and an instrument pod are standard

Whatever your choices you will have a quality and much admired aircraft to fly.

Get hold of us today and we will help you get into the air, on one of our quality aircraft

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