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Another very happy customer

It was great to see another aircraft completed and delivered to a very satisfied customer. This trike had certain colour requirements that needed to be met, and using the RAL colour chart we were able to achieve this , even down to the matching embroidery on the seat.

I am sure that we will see more of this trike in the air, and hear of great flying exploits.

Chris was very impressed with the amount of quality detail that went into the build, here are Chris's comments"Proud owner of the version 5 Microlite Fly. You guys built a beauty. An engineering masterpiece. Can't wait to finish my training and get airborne."

Every detail of the aircaft was CAD drawn, and skillfully manufactured using a variety of methods from, CNC milling, 3D printing and the use of weight saving yet very strong Carbon Fibre part that were married together to create this great little Sub70 aircraft

The smile say's it all , one very happy customer.Thanks Chris for the enthusiasm and support you have shown towards Microlite Aviation, i am sure that we will see a lot of you in the air.

So if you want something special that would anhance your flying experience please dont hesitate in giving us a call, where we would be happy to discuss your requirements and fulfil your flying dreams.

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