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Getting ready for Summer shows & Flyins - Microlite Aviation

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Well 2023 Summer has come upon very swiftly, and now the fun begins for the flying season.

We are going to be at Popham where we will be displaying the Sub70 "Fly" trikes, for the first time, we have flown them last year but have never diplayed the aircraft at an event so exciting times ahead.

We have some exciting goodies to show, Carbon throttles

housing, light weight carbon struts, disc brake (standard on all trikes), 10" or 9" tyres,Tiggy II engine management system, and so much more. Its going to be fun meeting everyone that comes to the show looking for something innovative in the Sub70 market. We will also be at Deenethorpe showing of there on the 15th of July, looking forward to that.

There are also few flyaways that we will be doing throughout the year that, we will be keeping you updated on.

Also on the agenda are a few surprises that we are not able to discuss at the the moment until all the dots and crosses are ticked off, but i can assure you there are exciting times ahead for Microlite Aviation and its crew.

We have a few new items that will be added to the Microlite Aviation stable soon and these announcements will be forthcoming shortly.

Finally i think that the Sub70 market is opening up a whole new world of flying to the aviation enthusiast that has been held back by costs and other limitations, also the movement of pilots between all of the flying disiplines, such as Powered paragliding,hangliding, Microlight flying etc, to this sport which has bought a whole lot of old and new fliers together. Because when a Sub70 is flown .... youre hooked, the sheer thrill of a light weight no nonsense aircraft that youre flying, is an experience you will not forget.

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