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Great show at Popham

Updated: May 14

Well Popham's weather was very kind to us aviation enthusiasts this year, with tremendous weather on Saturday. There was a great turnout of visitors and alot of interest shown in the various aircraft on display. One of our "FLY", pilots Chris Devine, flew into the event on his trike which was really great to see. Colin bought his Trike down from up North and it was really great to host him on our stand. Tim Swaite the designer and owner of Avian Hangliders also came down with his new "RioT" wing, which was really great to see, it is a great crisp wing with a whole lot of new design innovations that will revolutionize the industry.

The Monotrike UL-115 had a lot of interest shown, with a lot of comments about the excellent build of this great little SSDR aircraft, we had it matched to Aeros "NINE" wing which seems to be a great match for those pilots looking for extra legs to get about quickly.

Our new baggage range, the "FLY Bags", which include two side pannier bags and a cooler bag, were a great hit and will be really great on a bivvy out to carry your light camping gear or even use them to carry your goodies to a hotel or B&B.

We are now offering the " trike", with wing , Vitorazzi 185cc Moster, front disc brakes , carbon hand throttle , carbon drag struts and fenders and a full carbon seat. included in this crazy offer are a full set of "FLY Bags", making this RTF* aircraft great value for Money for the 2024 summer season at a great price of £11500.00 Vat Excl.

Again thankyou to the people that made Popham a success, unfortunately we had to leave the Sunday, impending weather and other issues that cropped up but all in all it was great show and nice to to see and chat to old and new friends.

We truly hope to be available to support the 2025 trade show, and at Popham that needs every body to support them in their endevour to stop a housing project being built on this great airfield.

*Ready to Fly

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