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Delivery & Flying = Smiles all round

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Microlite Aviation, Sub70 Fly
Microlite Aviation, Sub70 Fly

It was a great weekend up at St Michaels airfield, this month where we were invited to show the Microlite Aviation trike "Fly". We also did one of two deliveries of the weekend. Colin accepted delivery of his new trike that he will be pairing with the Avian Puma wing. Colin opted for the larger 10" Aluminium wheels and tyres and green trim to suit the colour of his wing.He arrived back from his first flight with the biggest of grins, after thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Microlite Aviation, flexwing trike, Fly
Colin - Happy Chap

The hospitality was reall y great at the "Wings & Wheels" flyin and drive in where classic cars and

bikes were also on show. There was a great local band , that had a few people dancing on the grass and good food served. There was a visit from Flylight & Micro Aviation who were flying the SSDR category and attempting a 500 mile circumnavigation and used this event as one of their short stops.

SSDR category allows the pilot to carry more fuel, allowing for a larger range, Sub 70's are limited in the amount of fuel one can carry as it is part of the weight limit for the category.

Another happy customer recieving delivery of a Microlite Aviation trike,Chris Devine, the same time in Weston Super Mare. Chris bought his trailer down to pick up his new toy. The livery chosen was orange to match his Avian Rio2 15 wing which is Orange and black. We fitted his own Vittorazi 185 moster engine to the trike, after giving it a service.I am sure that he will have many hours of fun on this on this well engineered aircraft.Chris will hopefully send us some more pics of flying the trike, will be great to see.

Colin taking off on his first flight at the "Wings & Wheels" event at St Michaels airfield

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