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2022 - Lovely stay and flyin at New Farm... here is a short video.

We had a visit to New Farm, our first major fly in with many other was tremendous fun and we made many new friends in the process. Courtney and his family were very welcoming and provided excellent services to make our stay very comfortable...also the weather was excepionally good (for the UK..Haha). There were many different types of aircraft, from GA to the teeny weeny trikes, The Microlite Fly and the Peabea's. It was great seeing the Shadows and Streaks flying in as i built a few with Shadowlite In South Africa with Len Alford and crew.Also had the pleasure of David Cook working with us over there for a few months.

The flying was great and there were some exciting moments, especially the landings with the thermic conditions. There was a gaggle of little Flys and Peabeas flying which was really great to see, shows how fast this area of the flying sport is developing and the new innovations that have been introduced to the aircraft.

Going out for little flyouts like this solidifies why we as aviators do this, the comradie and friendships that are developed and the lovely talking points of the different aircraft. I for one would love to do this again, and thanks for all the wonderful positive input from the test pilots that flew our aircraft and pilots on the ground, it was well recieved.

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