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We have a mention... Leading Aero Mag in the UK

Nigel, Brian and Alex were invited by Clive Mason to come up and fly at his Airfield outside Leicester. What a great trip it was with the trikes for the first time unpacked and loaded together at an airfield, exciting times.

Clive was offered a flight from Nigel, who accepted with great enthusiasm. Once he was strapped in it was hard to pry him out, he was having such a great time. He had great praise for the quality and flying abilities of the little bird.

Thanks Clive for the great promotion of our little trike, youre welcome to fly it any time.

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Sep 21, 2022

Just a mention on the prices in the article. The author added VAT to the prices I gave him. We are not VAT registered so the prices mentioned are incorrect. The prices should be £11143.00 (Moster, Black Devil, Black Bee and Rio2 wing) and £9875 (Atom80 and Fly wing).

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