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New light weight power Unit!

We are now able to supply and fit the light weight EOS 150cc ICI RV4 motor.

Beautifully crafted and extensively tested from 2017 this reliable little power house has been making a name for itself in the powered paragliding scene, with great reports on its power output.

Comes as standard with the EASY-STARTER / advanced pull hand starter, for an easy start with no kickback.

It is a one cylinder 2 stroke, putting out 25.7 horsepower at 9000rpm, with a thrust of 65kg's/125cm - 70kg's/130cm prop.The engine has partial fan cooling and an average consumption of 3.3-4l per hour.

The weight is also very impressive, 9.15kg's W/O exhaust - 11.5kg's with exhaust, the exhaust is also nickle plated.

It uses unleaded 98 octane fuel, with a 2% oil fuel ratio mixture( the oil is a full synthetic racing oil)

A reccomended 2 part EOS carbon propellor should be used, lengths of 125cm/130cm dependant upon choice.

We are fitting one of these to a FLY trike and we will keep you updated on the handling and operating of these exciting engines.

Till later Happy and safe flying.

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