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New Dealership awarded to Microlite Aviation 2023.

Microlite Aviation proudly announces that we are now Dealers for the Air Conception Paramotors in the South West of England.

This is a great engine that has a full backup and great warranties.

We are offering the "Nitro 200" , which is a great lightweight machine, with various cages, coupled with an E-prop of your choosing that has been matched to the engine.Engines can be purchased separately so that they can be used for the Sub70 Microlite market.

There are of course different frames available including, aluminium , Titatium or Magnesium, all lightweight and strong elements used in the manufacture of the cages and frames.We will be offering different combinations depending on the clients requirements, always offering the best solution for the clients.

NITRO 200 EVO (2022 Edition) Lightweight and reliability since 2016. Specially designed for demanding pilots who are looking for a consistent and smooth power band and a low level of noise , this 190 cc paramotor engine is the lightest clutched engine in its category. The 2022 version is equiped with new silencer, low maintenance / long life clutch system, and 4 silicon mounts with a result of very low vibration level.

Available in 3 versions: – Manual starter & clutch: 26.1 lbsAvailable in 3 versions:

– Manual starter & clutch: 26.1 lbs / 11.8 kg – Electric starter & clutch: 27.5 lbs / 12.5 kg – Manual starter & electric starter & clutch: 28.2 lbs / 12.8 kg


  • Low vibration level

  • Resilient exhaust and exhaust elbow

  • Optional “mirror” chrome exhaust

  • Single-cylinder 2-stroke engine with 190 cc displacement and membrane carburetor

  • 1:2.7 belt reduction

  • Electric starter and manual starter in polyamide and carbon fiber (depending on version) coupled with an automatic decompression system

  • Innovative clutch without composite material

  • Power of 26 HP at 7500 rpm

  • Low fuel consumption and linear operation over the entire power range.

  • Minimal Torque on takeoff and in flight.

  • Standard silicone shock absorbers since January 2022

  • 2 year warranty.

This is an extremely light engine that beats all the competition in weight and backed up with a great warranty, makes for a great engine purchase to keep you flying high.

Our aim is to be able to supply a great service and provide backup to keep you flying with the minimum of fuss.

Happy Flying... from Microlite Aviation... see you in the Air.

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