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Innovation, the key to improvement.

If you have been given a brief on a way an item could be built, including weight parameters, keeping it safe, strong,versatile and keeping all this within the official parameters as laid out by the controlling authorities. How would you tackle and come up with a solution that would excite and offer new ideas to the market place.

Here at Microlite Aviation, we are looking to do just that, offer new and exciting ideas that fullfil all requirements that are set out by the civil aviation regulators, but also those of our own.

With quality and safety being formost in our minds, we feel that we have designed a product with good engineering principles applied and highend componants to create a safe and comfortable aircraft for the Sub 70 Nanolight market.

We have used strong materials, 6068-T6 aluminium for the frame & 7075-T6 aluminium (which is light and strong)for the gussets.Carbon fibre seats (that are an integral feature in the structure) and light weight. Carbon fibre mudguard that moves with the wheel protecting the propellor from stones being thrown up on roll out.

The engines used to power these aircraft are well and truly tested out in the field, from being used in the powered paragliding industry to the nanolight trikes and are being specifically manufactured for these type of aircraft.The wheels that we use have been well tested in the field off off road/rough terrain skateboard field, this is both the cast aluminium and plastic version of rims and tyres and are manufactured here in the UK..

Our team has designed a lovely hand throttle, that helps when you are in a cruise mode that is very lightwieght and strong, it has safety backups and ignition switch installed to alleviate any problems that may occur if a foot throttle cable should unavoidibly fail.

The hangpoint of the trike has been given a lot of thought too, with a 10mm (Jesus bolt used ,higher shear strength), instead of the usual 8mm, for not much more weight. All the Gusset plates have been rid of all excess materials, but still using engineering principles have kept their excepional strength properties, whilst achieving a light weight.

There are alluminium struts that are fitted in a calculated triangular configeration increasing strength of the undercarriage, coupled with Delrin inserts to limit wear. You have a choice to go even lighter but mainatin strength by using our Carbon Fibre replacements that halve the wieght

We use Carbon fibre propellers from well respected manufacturers, which are light weight yet very effective in the thrust department.

There is a collapsable front strut that aids in the assembly at the field, by attaching to the wing and locking in place allowing for the main bolt to be inserted.(this allows for a one person assembly)

So without having to cut holes in the frame, and using the different modern techniques and materials we have managed to get the aircraft in at a weight of 62Kg's well under the 70Kg's.which allows you 8kg's of fuel(you can increase this by adding a reserve parachute system to your plane)

The main part of flying is the wing, lets face it,we wouldnt be up there without it. Here we use a great UK manufacturer and the only wing builder in the country Avian, in the peak district. They build an exceptional wing that has been beautifully engineered and thought out.

The RIO2 wing for power is an exceptional wing that delivers wonderful performance aswell as nice control. All the wings come with a VG system that controls the wing for speed and maneuverability in the sky.The Puma 13.5, NEW FOR 2022: The Puma now includes carbon fibre washout rods and outer leading edges as standard with carrier wing folding a free option!

Not only is it light, it's also strong. The Puma is BHPA certified for a normal free flight clip in weight range of 75-105kg. It's also been tested beyond this normal range and has passed a full +6/-3g load test at 120kg, so is also ideal for use with power units. It also make a great trike wing for experienced pilots who want a more dynamic experience when flying a trike

and want to be able to take advantage of the Puma's fantastic sink rate and great glide to do some power off soaring.

As far as wings go, these are one of the lightest and well engineered wings in the market.

To top it all off, we have an excellent back up team in place to answer your needs and requirements, we endevour to offer a professional service that will enhance your flying and fun, in a safe way.

Takecare and fun flying from the MicroLite team

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